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lothian plans can see your project through from start to finish!

Here we give you an idea of the stages you will go through.

Initial Consultation - FREE!


Once a consultation is booked in we will come to your home and have a discussion about what you would like to achieve within your property.  This may be a change in layout, an extension or attic conversion.


We will discuss what you are hoping to achieve from redesigning your home, you can tell me about your life at home and what your ideal living situation would be.


At this point we can bounce idea’s off each other to give me a better understanding of how we can make your home work for you.


I can give you an idea at this stage of basic costings for your project so that you have an idea of the overall cost and if it will work for your budget


I will then send you a quote via email outlining my fee’s.  I have a set fee for each project so that you know from the outset what the costings will be.



Stage 1


After the quote has been accepted, we will arrange a date to carry out a full measured survey of your home.  This will allow us to draw up the existing floor layout and see clearly how we can make the space work for you!


If required, we can generate some layout’s and design idea’s for you to consider.  Once you have made a decision on what design you would like to go with we will prepare the plans for submission to the relevant council for planning permission/building warrant.


It usually takes about 8 weeks for the council to reach a conclusion for both.


If you are making any changes or additions to the structure of your home you will most likely have to employ a Structural Engineer.  He will design the structure and give the relevant calculations for Building Warrant Applications.


We will see each project through until we achieve either the building warrant, planning application or both!


Stage 2


At this point you will now be able to appoint a builder to complete the construction stages. 


When choosing a Builder, our advice is to go with personal recommendations of builders.  We suggest asking if you can see previous projects they have completed, a confident builder will be happy to accommodate this.   


We normally suggest getting three quotations.  


When you choose a Builder, we can provide the service to oversee the project for you to make sure that you are receiving the right quality of work.  This comes at an additional fee.

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