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Internal Alterations- Wall Removal


Welcome to Lothian Plans and our first blog post!

Through the blog we will share regular updates of what projects we are currently working on. We will also share information about the process of planning and building warrant applications.

You may have seen our advert that says “Need plans? You don't need an Architect”

Most of our clients are not aware that to gain planning permission or a building warrant they do not always require a architect! Architects can be fantastic for grand designs or wow factor design work However most residential work is straight forward and a simple process that does not require the input of an Architect.

The kind of plans that we regularly do for our clients are:

-Removal of load bearing walls

-Reconfiguration of home layout


-Attic Conversons

-Garage Conversions

In this blog post we are going to explain the process of Internal alterations.

With the rise of open plan living spaces, many families now require the feeling of space. In previous years, construction was focused on individual rooms for different functions. However now most new build properties focus on family living space with kitchen, dining living areas combined.

To achieve this in an older property is quite a simple process.

First we would come along and discuss what is important to you, do you require a large kitchen, a large utility room, or mudroom etc. We find out what your main goals are. We then look at the space you have and how removing walls and changing the layout internally can create a better quality of living space for your needs at a lower cost than an extension for example.

We work with you to come up with design ideas and then we take this and draw up a simple layout to let you see how this change can make such a difference.

The removal of walls whether load bearing or not is quite a simple process. Once a design has been decided with us, we give our plans to a structural engineer. They will come out and visit your property, they will then provide structural design drawings. This will allow the builder to know what supports are required to make the work safe.

Along with the drawings that we provide for building warrant, the engineers drawings and design certificates are uploaded to the council with your building warrant application. Various councils have different turn around times, normally the goal is to respond within 8 weeks. (subject to change)

Once the council are happy with the drawings and all supporting documents they will make a decision on the application.

Once you have approved drawings you are then able to source a builder for the project.

Choosing a builder can be quite a daunting process, we are happy to recommend tradesmen that we work with to provide a quotation, however it is always a good idea to gain quotes from recommended builders.

The builder that you choose to appoint should be able to talk you through the process in detail so that you understand timescales and what is to be expected.

Please be mindful that this can also change, unseen problems can be found in the process of opening walls and floors that no one is able to foresee. Timescales can obviously also vary depending on the size of the project and the amount of work involved.

We are more than happy to liaise with the builder that you decide to work with with, although all of the drawings provided will have all of the detail required for them to complete the job.

We have seen many times how changing the layout of a property with removal of walls can create a completely different feel to a home. Every client that we have worked with that have done this kind of work are delighted with the outcome and realise that it is not as daunting as it looks

If you have any questions about this process we would be more than happy to discuss it with you, please get in touch!

Internal Wall Removal Edinburgh
Internal Alterations Edinburgh

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